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Promote Yourself with RE/MAX

Promote Yourself – Your Way

Be as creative as you want with your marketing and promotion. Promote yourself and your listings with professional marketing materials via iList Marketing, which has templates for Open House emails, business cards, Reputation letters, and more.

Demonstrate good citizenship with high-profile cause marketing that enables you to meaningfully connect with local families.

Only if you’re with RE/MAX do you get to say: Nobody in the World Sells More Real Estate.

Generate professional marketing pieces

With iList Marketing, you can promote yourself and your listings with customized, professionally designed emails, business cards, letters, and other templates. Templates can be emailed directly from iList to your customers, or you can print them yourself for in-person distribution.

Cause marketing supports you locally

RE/MAX is the exclusive real estate sponsor of Children’s Miracle Network and co-sponsor of the National Series Breast Cancer Survivor Recognition Program at Komen Race for the Cure events. Both programs feature extremely low administrative costs and ensure that locally raised funds are used to support local needs. Their various programs enable you to meaningfully connect with your customers and clients.

Align your "green" philosophy with that of RE/MAX

Environmentally conscious agents can align their philosophy with that of RE/MAX International. RE/MAX is committed to the sustainability and environmental well-being of the communities worldwide in which its Associates work and live. Agents are trained to counsel builders and homeowners in eco-friendly housing. Thousands of offices conserve resources by reducing the use of paper and energy. Agents and offices are trained in "green" practices. And the RE/MAX International Headquarters building is Energy Star-certified.

Nobody sells more real estate

First confirmed by independent audit in 1997, and reconfirmed every year since: “Nobody in the world sells more real estate than RE/MAX.”